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Genealogical data of the records of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis

A man could be admitted as a Freeman of the Borough if he had served an apprenticeship with or married the daughter of someone already holding any such title within the Corporation or by descent. Additionally, he could pay a fine.

These "marriages" have been extracted in order to provide evidence of a marriage having taken place where perhaps the parish registers may be lacking or to provide confirmation of the groom and father's position.

Apprenticeship details are further down the page, followed by other, miscellaneous genealogical data.

Name of Groom

Surname of Bride

Details of marriage

Date of record

BENNET, Francis


married daughter of Mr. John Swetnam, one of ye aldermen of this towne admitted freeman.

2 Dec 1659

BOND, William


Married the daughter of the Mayor (William Holmes)

3 Aug. 1649

BYAT, Theophilus


Married an Alderman's daughter of this towne, viz.the daughter of Mr.Henry Cuttance

17 Oct.1645



Lately married the widow Kind, who was wife of Philip Kind deceased; admitted freeman

29 Jan.1647

PLEY, George


A customer of this port who married the daughter of Mr.Robert Wise, an auntient townsman; admitted freeman

22 Oct. 1647

SNOW, Thomas (Cooper)


Served as an apprentice in the city of Exon 7 yrs, married the daughter of Mr.Cade, one of the late aldermen of this towne; admitted freeman

22 Nov 1647

STRONG, Richard (Butcher)


Having served in the towne by the space of about 4 years, and having served his apprenticeship 7 years with Stephen BARRAT of Wimborne and that he married the daughter of Thomas Barnes of this towne, butcher; admitted freeman.

19 Dec. 1645



Mr Thomas Waltham's son in law admitted a Freeman in regard that he married an alderman's daughter. He was also elected a burgess of the town at the same time.

31 May 1650

TUCKER, Edward (Clothier)


Having for many years past married one of the daughters of Mr Richard White, deceased & having lived with his family here for many years

9 June 1654

WILSON, Richard (Mariner)


Being borne in this towne and having married the daughter in law of Mr.Edward Cuttance, deceased

9 June 1654



All masters are of this Town or Borough (Weymouth and Melcombe Regis) unless otherwise stated


Genealogical data

To whom apprenticed & trade:

Date of town record:

Indenture date & term

ATTWOLL, Bartholomew

Son of Alexander Attwoll of Portland

John WHITE, the elder, Mariner

24 Mar.1653

20 Mar 1651;7 yrs


Son of Edward Bagwell of Watchcomb in the parish of Culleton, Devon, husbandman

John HODDER & Elizabeth his wife, Mercer

25 Jul. 1653

25 Jan 1649

BEERE, Bartholomew

Son of Thomas Beere of Halstock, Dorset, yeoman

John BEERE, freeman & Mercer

30 Apr.1656

18 Oct 1650;7 yrs


Son of John Bennett of Windsome, Somerset, husbandman

John SENIOR, Mercer & freeman of this town

2 Aug.1659

20 Jul 1659;7 yrs

BRYAR, William

Son of John Bryar of Sutton Points, Dorset, yeoman

James GIEAR, Merchant

1 Mar. 1652

27 Feb 1653;7 yrs

COOKE, Samuel

Son of John Cooke late of Dorchester, Mercer

Captaine John ARTHUR, Merchant

10 Jun. 1647

15 June; to serve from 25 July 1646 for 7 yrs.


Son of John Dashwood of Lulworth, Dorset, gent.

John SWETNAM, woollen draper & Agnis his wife

6 May 1654

25 Mar next, 7 or 8 yrs

EDWARDS, Jonathan

Son of Mr. Steven Edwards, one of the Burgesses and Freemen of this town

Bound to his father, Merchant

18 Jun. 1652

24 Jun. 1651


Son of George Heckles of Hebborne, Northumberland

Thomas DAMON, Mariner & Shipwright

9 Nov. 1641

20th Aug 1641;7 yrs


Son of John Holland of Tickleton, Dorset, Clothworker

Stephen EDWARDS, Shoemaker

2 Jul. 1649

18 May 1649;7 yrs

JACOB, Oliver

Son of Edward Jacob of West Lidford, Somerset,clerk

John HODDER, Merchant

20 Apr.1659

15 Apr1659;7yrs

NEALE, Peter

son of Andrew Neale of this Borough deceased

William NEALE, Mariner

10 Jun. 1641

4th Sep 1641;8 yrs


Son of Richard Peircy of this town, Merchant

To his father

16 Jul.1661

24 Jun 1661;7 yrs

POOKE, William

Son of William Pooke of Blandford Forum, Dorset, Innholder

Philip BUGDEN, Merchant

21 Jan. 1645

from feast of the birth of our Lord God. 1645; 7 yrs

READ, Francis

Son of John Read of Puddlebridge, Devon, tanner

John HODDER, Merchant, & his wife

7 Nov.1656

28 Sep 1656;7 yrs


Eldest son of John Russell of this town, Mariner

To his father

16 Jul. 1661

24 Jul 1660


Son of James Samwaies of Bincomb, Dorset, Clothier

John HODDEN, Mercer

29 Dec. 1647

12 Jun 1647;7 yrs from 1st Jan. 1646


Son of James Samwayes of Bincombe, Dorset, clothier

John HODDER, Mercer

25 Jul. 1653

12 Jun 1647, from 1st January last past before the date of the indenture, 7yrs

STARR, Nicholas

Son of Dorothy Starr of Beere within the parish of Seaton, Devon, widow

Gregory BABBIDGE, Merchant

30 May 1651

24 Sep 1650;7 yrs from Michaelmas


Son of William Swetnam of Shaston, Dorset, yeoman

John SWETNAM, Woollendraper

11 Feb. 1652

29 Sep 1647; 7 yrs


Son of Margarett Tunstall of Waymouth & Melcombe Regis, widow

Gregory BABBIDGE, Merchant

23 Dec. 1649

25 Dec 1648, 8 yrs


Son of Paul Waldron of Allens Loscombe in the parish of Poorestock, Dorset, yeoman

Robert GIEAR, Merchant

22 Nov.1659

29 Sep 1658; 8 yrs


Son of Thomas Wallis of Withell, Somerset, yeoman

John HODDER, grocer & Elizabeth his wife

18 Oct. 1653

29 Sep 1653


Son of Ephraim Westley of Whitecliffe in the parish of Brixton Deverell, Wilts, gent.

John SWETNAM, woollendraper & Agnes his wife

17 Nov.1655

15 Nov 1655; 7 yrs


Son of Richard Wilson of this town, Merchant

To his father

7 Nov.1656

20 Sep 1656


Miscellaneous entries with Genealogical Data - Freemen


Son of Gregory Babbidge the elder

16 June 1648

BILES, Richard

of this towne having served as an apprentice unto Mr. Thomas Wallis a freeman of this town was this day admitted a freeman.

26 March 1647

BROWNE, Thomas

Son of John Browne, Esq. his ancestors having been benefactors to the town

8 December 1654


(ye sonne of Captaine Roger Cuttance) was this day admitted genally a freeman of this towne by birth.

2 December 1659

GIEAR, James

the younger son of Mr James Giear the elder by patrimony admitted freeman

20 October 1660

JONES, Lewis

had liberty granted him to use his trade of a haberdasher of hats in this town upon the security of his father in law John Barber, Clothier of this Town

27th May 1653

PEIRCEY, Richard

son of Hugh Peircey deceased was this day admitted a Freeman genally of this Incorporacon by discent

14 December 1649


son of Damaris the wife of Nichas cornew of this borough

14 October 1636

WALL, Mr. Peter

of this town, merchant son of Mr John Wall

16 June 1648


son of Mr. Henry Waltham, late of this town, merchant, was admitted freeman, ex gratia in regard of his father and ancesters were Freemen of this town.

29 January 1647


Other Miscellaneous Genealogical Snippets

3 October 1650 - by indenture dated 26 september 1636, for 40s demise for Nicholas Jervis since deceased, a tenement, and garden with appurtenance in New Street, to hold to the said Nicholas for fowerscore and nineteen years if the said Nicholas, Rachell his wife, now the wife of Robert Bindle and Johar Payne or any of them so long live.


31 May 1650 - concerning a dispute between the parishioners of West Lulworth and those of Winfrith Newburgh over the rights to graze their cattle on land called Lulworth Downe. Mention is made of:

John HAMWELL of the town, mariner, aged 44 years or thereabouts, said that in the year 1588 he did dwell in West Lulworth as a servant of one John SAY and did keep the sheepe.

Thomas VEY of the town, leather dresser, aged 50 years or thereabouts, said he was born in the parish of West Lulworth and lived there until he was about 19 years and before he left he kept sheep for his uncle Jonas VEY


23 January 1651 - an order made 3 October 1651 concerning a base child born of the body of Johan BUTCHER - father reputed to be William WARD and he was ordered to pay twenty pence weekly until the child attains the age of 7 years.


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Reference: Weymouth & Melcombe Regis Minute Book 1625-1660, edited by Maureen Weinstock 1964.